About us

We, Andreas and Balazs, are two good friends from Heidelberg and Budapest who decided to start our own company based on our decades of experience in HR and IT. CVCHAMP helps you to create professional resumes even without any previous experience. Andreas is an experienced app developer and Balazs used to work as an executive for 15 years in the HR department of well-known companies like Audi or Lidl. We know exactly what kind of resumes the decision makers like to see and we also know how to create them automatically. CVCHAMP is still at the beginning of its journey, but we have many ideas on how to further develop CVCHAMP. We will implement new features based on feedback from our beta testers. Currently we are in the testing phase, that's why CVCHAMP is free. Try CVCHAMP, give us suggestions for improvements and together we will change the application phase from a hurdle to an effortless experience!